We provide organic and healthy nuts for you!!

 These organic roasted nuts and seeds are a testament to their
dedication to providing the finest products.

Our Story

The Nut Shoppe, a cherished family legacy of nut and seed roasting since 1936, spanning three generations. With an unwavering commitment to tradition, we continue to follow time-tested procedures that have been passed down through the years, ensuring our products embody the essence of excellence.

From the very beginning, our dedication to quality led us to source only the finest ingredients, ensuring that every nut and seed that leaves our facility is a testament to unparalleled taste and health benefits. Nestled in the heart of Aurora, Ontario, our certified organic roasting and processing facility serves as the soul of our craft, where all roasting, mixing, and flavoring is carried out in-house.

Today, we take immense pride in serving natural food co-ops, independent health food stores, and discerning consumers worldwide, delivering the epitome of taste, tradition, and health. With each delightful bite, we invite you to savor the legacy of The Nut Shoppe and discover the timeless artistry that has delighted taste buds for over eight decades. Thank you for joining us on this remarkable journey of flavor and nourishment; we sincerely hope you enjoy our products as much as we cherish crafting them for you.

The Nut Shoppe has truly mastered the art of roasting. Each bite is a burst of flavor that leaves one craving for more.

Ehsan MOvaSAghi

Our Belief

We believe that the goodness of nuts and seeds goes beyond delectable flavors, as they hold remarkable health benefits. Our meticulous roasting process, combined with our carefully curated ingredients, unlocks a symphony of flavors and nourishment that sets us apart in the industry. Nuts, rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, have been known to lower blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels while raising HDL (good) cholesterol, especially when substituted for saturated fat-rich foods. Our nuts, meticulously dry roasted without any added oils, further enhance these health benefits, crafting a truly wholesome indulgence for you.

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